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At the time of the union, the uniting bodies numbered, in round figures:

1. Methodists: 220,000
2. Presbyterians and Congregationalists (SIUC): 290,000
3. Anglicans (CIBC): 50,000
4. The North Tamil Church of the SIUS, which in 1946 decided not to join CSI, joined the United Church in 1950.
5. The Bombay Karnataka Council of the United Basel Mission Church in India joined the Church of South India in 1958.
6. The Anglican Church of Nandyal Diocese, which chose to stand outside the union in 1947, merged with the CSI in 1975.
7. Today the CSI consists of 22 Dioceses covering entire South India and also Sri Lanka.

The Great Event

A special committee composed of leading laymen and ministers of all uniting churches had been set up and entrusted with the task of making preparations for the service of Inauguration of the united church. It had divided the whole area of the uniting churches into fourteen dioceses, selected presbyters who where consecrated bishops at the inauguration and allotted them to the fourteen dioceses. The committee also has made necessary arrangements for the inaugural function.

The six bishops and the nine bishops-designate met for a three-day retreat from Saturday 20th September in the Women’s Christian College. The retreat was led by Bishop Pakenham Walsh. After the retreat the bishops and bishops-designate took counsel together about the different problems which will arise then in their ministry as Bishops. Bishop Leslie Newbigin a bishop designate says: “The last five days of retreat and conference have been a wonderful preparation for this great day. In three days of silence we have had a blessed opportunity for steadying will and desire and directing them to God alone".

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